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K-Guard Protects your Home's Exterior!

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K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter Guards

K-Guard Leaf Free Gutters

Your gutters are designed to protect your home, but they don't always work as designed. The gutter is supposed to capture the water that's running down your roof and direct it to a downspout. This keeps it from simply dripping off the roof's edge, landing in the soil below, and causing damage to multiple parts of your home's exterior along the way. If you don't have gutter guards installed, it's all too easy for the gutters to end up clogged with leaves and other debris. Once they're clogged, the gutters stop functioning and might as well have never been installed. K-Guard ensures your gutters do their job in protecting your home's exterior from top to bottom.

Foundation Protection

The biggest problem from uncontrolled runoff from the roof is the very bottom of your home. The foundation supports the structure's weight and ensures it does not settle unevenly into the soil below it. Yet the soil surrounding the foundation's concrete must also stay in place to support it. When rain drips off the roof's edge, it tends to land on the soil directly next to the foundation. After a few years of dripping, the soil slowly washes away and forms voids around the foundation, allowing the concrete to crack under strain. Without working gutters, the foundation can become compromised, damaging the rest of the structure. Keeping your gutters working with the help of K-Guard can prevent thousands of dollars of difficult foundation repairs many years down the road.

Surrounding Landscape

Being able to direct water with your gutter system preserves the beauty of your home landscaping efforts. Dripping water displaces soil, batters flower beds planted around the foundation, and generally makes it hard to keep everything beautiful and green. By directing runoff to a carefully designed rain garden or to a dry well where it can penetrate the soil, you’re helping water your landscape without the risk of erosion or damage. Don’t let your efforts at gardening go to waste when gutter guards can go a long way in maintaining the look of your landscape.

K-Guard Gutters Never Clog

K-Guard Gutters are great because they eliminate any need to clean your property’s gutters. For those without gutter protection, it’s recommended gutters are cleaned at least twice a year – once in the spring and again in the fall. And for those that live in areas of dense foliage, more frequent cleanings are often necessary.

With K-Guard, you won’t have to worry about remembering to clean out the gutters. And you can keep the ladder in the garage. Think of the K-Guard as the component that will do the gutter maintenance for you.

If you’re ever looking to sell your home, K-Guard can offer a nice competitive advantage over similar homes that are on the market in your area. The variety of colors available adds beauty, function, and curb appeal to your home.

Professional installation can be completed in one day for most homes. Enjoy your home the way it was meant to be enjoyed leaf-free, clog-free, and risk-free! Contact Us today for a no-cost consultation!

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