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To Help Your Gutters Work Efficiently, Here Are Top Tips to Gutter Care
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When Functioning Properly, Gutters Will Keep Your House Dry

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A Guide To Gutter Care

Though not as prominent as other features in your home, keeping your gutters in good condition is important. Not only do they help protect your home, but they also add to your curb appeal. Whether you think about it or not, gutter care makes a difference.

While most of the time, you may not have to worry about them, your gutters will need regular maintenance to work efficiently. To help, here are our tips to gutter care for your home.

Gutter Cleaning

When it comes to gutters, the most obvious task is cleaning. It should be done at least twice a year, ideally once in the spring and once in the fall. Start by creating a schedule or setting a reminder for when you intend on having them cleaned. Cleaning gutters might be a project for you to DIY. If that’s the case, you’ll need to have all the proper materials to do so, including a ladder.

For gutters that are very high up you may want to consider contacting a pro who can help. The average cost to clean gutters is $145, with most homeowners spending between $112 and $152.

Invest In K-Guard!

When homeowners choose K-Guard Cleveland, they can rest assured knowing that the K-Guard system is a completely engineered, fully integrated, leaf free gutter protection system. No other leaf free gutters can offer the leaf protection, strength, durability, increased capacity and curb appeal of K-Guard gutters.

The K-Guard leaf protection gutter system is built around high strength, patented all-weather polymer hangers set every 24 inches giving our system superior strength and durability. And because our gutters are a full 5-inches wide, they are able to drain more water than our competitors, smaller leaf guard gutters and leaf filter or mesh gutter covers. Our gutter system's smooth, curved appearance complements and adds beauty to your home.

Further, the professionally installed K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter protection system is so effective at keeping leaves and debris out of your gutters, we guarantee in writing that they will remain clog-free for the life of your home. Are you ready to get started? Give our qualified team members a call today - 216.586.2110!

Eliminating Pests and Rodents

Leaves and sticks might not be the only items clogging your gutter. Small animals and pests can turn your gutter into their home, building nests and seeking shelter in them. Of course, this not safe for your home, the animal or you. While some may move out in time, others decide that a gutter is a great place to live. Animals like squirrels, opossums and birds can build nests and even begin breeding in your gutter, causing a pest problem. If you hear any unusual sounds such as scratching or chirping and see any large build-up in your gutter, it’s likely you have a pest problem. This can cause damage to your gutters and must be removed.

However, you never want to remove these animals yourself. Some can be aggressive when their territory is entered and fight back, causing injury. The average cost to hire an animal control service is $292, with most homeowners spending between $207 and $313.

Don’t forget about insects. Water in gutters can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The shape of a gutter can provide just the right amount of space for bees, wasps and other bugs to build their nests. Be careful when cleaning, that you don’t run into these bugs. If you notice an increase of them near your house, keep an eye on where they might be coming from. If you noticed it’s near you gutter, you might want to have it checked by a pest control pro.

Update Your Look

Most gutter maintenance should focus on functionality, but you might be able to dramatically boost your curb appeal by updating the look of your gutters. Depending on how high up your gutters are and the type of material, you may be able to paint them. Aluminum gutters are the easiest to paint and is the most cost-effective option.

If painting isn’t an option, or your gutters must be replaced due to damages or age, you might want to consider an upgrade. Right now, copper gutters are the hot luxury item to have in home exteriors. They are sure to boost your curb appeal. Installing gutters is not a DIY project for beginners as it must be precisely placed on your home's exterior to function correctly.


As you can see, gutters are an important element to the home. When functioning properly, gutters will keep your house dry. But, they must be maintained regularly and properly to work well!

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