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How Can a Clogged Gutter System Cause Damage to the Foundation of a Home?
October 22nd, 2018 9:37 pm

Clogged Gutters Can Cause Water to Flow down the
Sides of the Home & Pool Around Its Foundation

Fall Is Here, Leaves Are Falling - Don't Let Your Gutters Become Clogged

K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter Guards

What Are Gutters and Why Are They Important?

Gutters are basically long channels that sit along the lower edge of your roof. They're designed to capture all the water that hits your roof when it rains or melts after a snow, ensuring that it travels safely to the ground. These channels are angled slightly to direct water to the downspouts, which allow the water to fall to the ground in a controlled manner. The end of the downspout is curved to ensure the water is deposited away from the home's foundation. Without the gutter, or with a defective or clogged gutter, the water would simply fall right next to the house and form a pool near the foundation.

Water Around Foundation Can Lead to a...

If You Have a K Guard Gutter System, You'll Never Worry About Gutter Cleaning Again!
October 21st, 2018 7:18 pm

K Guard Leaf Free Gutters Will Never Clog!

Make Cleaning Gutters a Thing of the Past with K Guard

K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter Guards

Traditional Open-Top Gutters vs. K Guard

If you have or have ever had a traditional open-top gutter system, then you already know that in order to keep it clog-free, regular cleaning is an absolute MUST! When it comes to performing this regular cleaning, you have two options 1) you can climb a ladder and clean the gutters yourself or 2) you can hire someone else to do it for you. Neither option is ideal as option one can be dangerous and tedious, and option two can become expensive.

However, if you neglect your gutters, and allow leaves, pine needles and other organic debris to build up, your gutter system will become clogged which could then lead to expensive problems, such as wet basements, foundation damage, water leaks in the attic and walls, wood rot, mold, termit...

Three Reasons Why It's Important for Homeowners to Clean Their Gutters This Fall
October 20th, 2018 10:24 pm

Yes, Fall Is Here! Are Your Gutters in the Shape They Should Be?

Avoid Gutter Cleaning Forever with a K Guard Leaf Free Gutter System!

K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter Guards

The Popularity of Gutter Cleaning and Repair Services Peaks in the Fall Months

The balmy summer weather seems to have broken at last. Now, leaves are changing, kids are dreaming up their Halloween costumes, and plants are smiling in the rain.

Yes, fall is here at last - are your gutters going to be in shape?

The popularity of gutter cleaning and repair services peaks in the fall months as homeowners turn to the pros for help keeping their home’s flood protection system running smoothly. With the flood of leaves and constant wash of rain, fall brings on a number of challenges for home maintenance, some of which require the help of professional gutter cleaning and repair services.

Wondering Why You Should Choose K Guard? Let Us Help!
October 19th, 2018 10:26 pm

Eight Reason to Choose the K Guard Leaf Free Gutter System

K Guard Eliminates Dangerous Ladder Climbing and Cleaning

K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter Guards

1) K Guard Gutters Eliminate Dangerous Ladder Climbing and Cleaning - Forever!

    We've seen way too many people fall and hurt themselves, some with permanent injuries. K-Guard keeps you off the roof and out of the hospital, so you can lead a happier and healthier life -- doing what you enjoy doing, rather than cleaning your old gutters.

2) The K Guard Gutter System Will Never Clog - We Guarantee It!

    K-Guard uses a specially designed, protective hood that prevents leaves and other debris from entering the gutters. And their larger-than-average size allows smaller elements, such as seeds or pine needles, to be easily flushed though the system. For this reason, we are able to offer you a LIFETIME WARRANTY against clogging!

These Warning Signs Will Help You Determine If You Need New Gutters
October 18th, 2018 8:52 pm

Do Your Gutters Need Cleaned, Repaired or Replaced?
Check Out These Five Warning Signs!

K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter Guards

Look out for These Gutter Warning Signs:

Gutters are an essential part of your home: They direct water away from your home's exterior walls, windows, doors, and foundation, preventing water from making its way inside. Although cleaning your gutters several times a year will enhance the longevity of your system, most gutters will need to be repaired or replaced eventually to help protect your home.

Look for these five signs to determine when its time to replace your home's gutter system:

    1. Cracks or Splits of any Kind - While small cracks in your gutters may not seem like a big issue, small cracks will eventually turn into big ones, and it may happen sooner than you think. If you allow cracks to remain without, water can not only damage the gutter...

See K-Guard In Action And Save!

Visit Our Showroom And Save $100! *

If you're among the many homeowners who are interested in seeing just how well the K Guard Leaf Free Gutter System works, then we encourage you to stop by our showroom for a real world presentation. During your visit, you'll see working water displays demonstrating first hand how the K Guard Leaf Free Gutter System functions. In addition to our visual displays, you'll also learn about the different features, advantages, and cost of both of the most popular gutter protection systems without any bias! Stop by today and see the superior leaf protection system that should be on YOUR home!

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