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These Gutter Problems Are the Ones You'll Want to Avoid!
July 29th, 2021 5:08 pm

To Ensure That Your Gutters Work Appropriately, They Must Be Maintained!

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Gutter Problems You Want to Avoid

The main purpose of gutters is to create a channel for rainwater to flow away from the foundation of your home. Keeping large amounts of water away from the house will prevent an array of issues that can develop from water damage, therefore we can’t stress enough the importance of having professionally installed gutters on your home.

Homeowners install gutters with the intention of solving problems, not creating them, but if they’re installed incorrectly, you’ll find that your gutters can create an entirely new set of concerns. It’s equally important that gutters be maintained after installation to ensure that they work appropria...

Six Common Gutter Problems to Familiarize Yourself With
July 28th, 2021 6:27 pm

Clogged Gutters, Leaks and Holes, Damaged Gutters and More!

Why Are Gutters so Important, and Why Should You Pay Attention to Them?

K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter Guards

A Properly Working Gutter System Protects the Foundation of Your Home

You probably don’t spend your days thinking about the health of your gutters. If you’re like most people, you don’t think about them at all! Unless, of course, something goes wrong. So why are gutters so important, and why should you pay attention to them?

Gutters serve one main purpose; to channel water away from the foundation of your home. Obviously, it’s important to keep your foundation in good shape, since that’s literally what is holding up your entire home. In order to keep water away from the foundation, your gutters need to be kept in good condition. That’s a pretty good reason to make sure they’re in good...

What Are Five Questions That Every Homeowner Should Ask Their Gutter Contractor?
July 26th, 2021 6:14 pm

Embed the Following Five Critical Questions Into Your Conversation

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K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter Guards

Stop: Don't Hire a Gutter Contractor Until You Ask These Critical Questions

When inviting a gutter contractor into your home, it’s natural to ask, “How long has your company been in business?”, “Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?”, and “Can you provide references?”

These are the most common questions asked, but are not the only ones you should be asking. Embed the following five critical questions into your conversation to make sure you’re picking the best contractor for the job:

    1. What Size Gutters Do You Install?

    Most homes have 5" gutters. In some cases that’s adequate, but jumping to 6" gutters will vastly improve performan...

What Questions Do You Have About the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System?
July 25th, 2021 5:10 pm

It's Normal to Have Questions, Which Is Why We Have Answers!

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K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter Guards

1. How Strong Is a K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System?

Computer-based engineering studies have been conducted to determine the overall strength of the K-Guard system. Here are the impressive results:

  • The system can support vertical loads on the front of the gutter of 35 lbs per foot of gutter. That equals 70 lbs per installed hanger.
  • The hood can support 60 lbs per square foot of pressure, both in load and uplift, before any flexing of the hood will occur.

2. What If My House Doesn't Have Fascia Board?

Few people enjoy getting soaked when entering or leaving their home. A simple fascia...

What Are Several Reasons Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Gutter System?
July 24th, 2021 4:40 pm

Prevent Erosion, Avoid Pest Infestation and Protection from Water Damage

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K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter Guards

Three Benefits of Upgrading Your Gutters

Your gutters are one of the structures responsible for keeping your home safe from the elements. If you have just moved into a new property and notice the gutters are rusting or hanging off, this is one of the first repairs you should address. Here are a few of the ways upgrading your gutter will protect your home.

    1. Prevent Erosion

    Leaking gutters may prevent your downspout from redirecting water away from your property. The excess water will then flood your landscape and lead to soil erosion. Your plants and vegetation may be knocked over or stripped of nutrients, causing disease and unhealthy growt...

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